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The Binnenalster in Hamburg with Hanseatic swan Binnenalster in Hamburg grazwinter.jpg (33104 bytes) Winter aerial view of the Graz Rathaus and Landeshaus
Lombardbrücke between the Binnenalster and Ausssenalster in Hamburg Lombardbruecke in Hamburg... Trestle to hoboken/Prokopigasse Javascript test Trolley on Jersey City-Hoboken trestle
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Treppenhaus of the Graz Opera House Treppenhaus of the Graz Opera House Bakery in Prokopi Gasse [?] Bakery in Prokopigasse
Southeast corner of the Hauptplatz in Graz. hauptplatzsecorner.jpg (17087 bytes) Mariahilf Pilgrimage Church in Graz
Am Eisernen Tor in Graz Austria Steiermark Graz Am Eisernen Tor im Winter Austria Graz Vogelschau auf Graz vom Süden Graz, looking northwards towards the Schloßberg



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