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General and Specialized Dictionaries and [General] Bi-Lingual Readers:

Some Suggestions

Very old, from the 1930s, but students, surprisingly, have found it of value: Cuthbertson German Verb Wheel
General Desk Size: ($25-35)

Duden/Oxford German-English/English German Dictionary 1999


second choice but easily available and widely discounted: Collins German-English/English German Dictionary 1998    

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial German-English Dictionary Oxford University Press; 1994 paperback, 677pp.  ISBN: 0198645023, $25.00    Hardcover 2nd edition; 1995);

An unusual approach to a dictionary; a collection of images; items in pictures are defined with both English and German vocabulary. 

General - Largest, 4 volumes $130-$150 @ volume

New Muret Sanders Encyclopedic Dictionary English - German 2 volumes, each 1,000 pages; German - English 2 volumes, each 1,000 pages (also available in a two volume abridged edition)

Eichborn: Wörterbuch für Wirtschaft- Recht- Verkehr- Verwaltungs- und Umgangssprache: Großer (German  > English) $215 c. 1200 pages, 80,000 entries   Großer (English>German) $225 Temporarily out of print 2002 May be appearing under the Cambridge imprint.

 The revised edition's volumes are appearing one at a time and will surpass/replace Muret Sanders, and be in same price range. One version is marketed as Die Sprache unserer Zeit, (1990) English>>German in two volumes at $435.  Temporarily out of print 2002 but still available at Schoenhof's
Reading Knowledge in German for Art Historians and Archaeologists (Berlin:1984)  op but available used Apelt, M. - German English Dictionary: Art History - Archaeology, 275 pp (Erich Schmidt: Berlin:1990) $47.95 op but available used
English German Dictionary: Art History - Archaeology, 253 pp (Erich Schmidt: Berlin:1997) op but available used LA is the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. This particular site belongs to the Section of Art Libraries. It contains lexicons for art-related words in several languages, not just German.
Brandi & Momenteau Lesekurs für Geisteswissenschaftler - Fortgeschrittene (advanced liberal arts reading) Klett (1992) $29.95


Waibl & Herdina
Dictionary of Philosophical Terms (Wörterbuch philosophischer Fachbegriffe) German-English 
(Routledge) 1997 hardcover 403pp.
ISBN: 0415178886      $140.00

Ziefle, Helmut - Dictionary of Modern Theological German (also for philosophy) op but available used. [Perhaps also available at]


Ziefle, Helmut - Modern Theological German: A Reader and Dictionary  $20.99; 648 pages Revised edition (July 1997) Baker Book House; ISBN: 0801021448 

dtv - Wörterbuch Kirchengeschichte.
von Georg Denzler, Carl Andresen EUR 15.29 monolingual German/German
Münchener Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament.  Josef Hainz, Alexander Sand  EUR 17,50  monolingual German/German

484 Seiten - Patmos Vlg: 1997; ISBN: 3491770149
German-English Technical and Engineering Dictionary
by L. De Vries, Louis DeVries   Used & new from $75.00
Worterbuch Technischer Begriffe Mit 6500 Definitionen Nach Din: Deutsch Und Englisch  by Henry G. Freeman  1992  c. $180
Taschenwörterbuch Technik, Englisch-Deutsch
von Henry G. Freeman, Günter Glass 217 Seiten - Max Hueber Verlag, 2000
ISBN: 3190062757 
Mit über 13.000 Fachausdrücken aus dem Bereichen Maschinen- und Werkzeugbau, Eisen- und Stahlherstellung, Werkstoffkunde, Mess- und Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, EDV, Internet, Qualitätssicherung- und mangagement, Produktionstechnik, Automatisierung, NC, Fördertechnik, Lüftungs-, Heizungs und Klimatechnik, Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
Leserfibel [An introduction to Fraktur print]: Witter's German English Primer (reprint of 1881 edition) $6.00 through German Language Video Center Indianapolis
Bilingual readers

22 Short Stories / 22 kurze Kurzgeschichten (Dtv) 1990 paperback, 206pp. ISBN:3423092084 $12.95

Five Great German Short Stories / Fünf deutsche Meistererzählungen  (Dover Publications) 1993 paperback, 267pp. Editor Stanley Appelbaum. ISBN:0486276198 $8.95



German Short Stories 2 / Deutsche Kurzgeschichten
Penguin Parallel Text David Constantine (Editor)

Kafka, Franz: Best Short Stories (Die schönsten Erzählungen) (Dover Publications) 1997 paperback, 191pp. Editor Stanley Appelbaum ISBN:0486295613 $8.95


Siddhartha : A Dual-Language Book
by Hermann Hesse, Stanley Appelbaum
Death in Venice & A Man and His Dog/Der Tod in
Venedig & Herr Und Hund

by Thomas Mann, Stanley Appelbaum (Editor)

American Short Stories / Amerikanische Kurzgeschichten Volume 3   (Dtv) 1990 paperback. 211pp. ISBN: 342309222X $14.95


Come Together (Amerikanische Kurzgeschichten) (Dtv) 1995 paperback, 151pp. ISBN:3423093390 $12.95



Contemporary British Short Stories (Englische Kurzgeschichten)  (Dtv) 1997 paperback, 215pp. ISBN:3423093595 $14.95



Detective Stories / Englische Kriminalgeschichten (Dtv) 1961 paperback, 127pp. ISBN:3423090294 $9.95



Classical American Stories (Klassische amerikanische Erzählungen) (Dtv) 1997 paperback, 240pp. ISBN: 3423093560: $14.95



not prose but perhaps of interest: Great German Poems of the Romantic Era / Beruhmte Gedichte Der Deutschen Romantik : A Dual-Language Book Editor Stanley Appelbaum $8.95
Additionally, a selection of on-line specialized dictionaries can be found  HERE

Possible sources: In Washington there are several possible sources but all are limited:
1. Reiter's Technical Books, 2021 K St NW 2. Franz Bader Books 1911 I (Eye) St. NW, (At 19th Street) 202-337-5440 [limited]
3. International News Room 1803 Connecticut Avenue NW (at S Street and Florida) 202-332-1489 mezzanine
4. Crown / Booksamillion (only for discounted Collins and Oxford-Duden desk dictionary) 5. Library of Congress: particularly the specialized reading rooms, Music, Science & Technology, Geography & Maps, etc.
Outside Washington:
1. On the web there is a collection of sites that are likely to but not guaranteed to carry these dictionaries: and 
2. Adler's Foreign Books Inc. 915 Foster Street; Evanston, Illinois 60201-3199
Tel.: (847) 864-0664 Fax: (847) 864-0804                
3. New York: Continental Books is basically an importer and distributor (originally mostly for Langenscheidt), doing business by mail and web.
4. Boston: Schoenhof's Foreign Books 617-547-8855


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