US-International Keyboard in Windows 95/98/2000/XP*


First symbol = key by itself
Second symbol = key while holding down Control and Alt
Third symbol = key while holding down Control and Alt and Shift


1 ¡ ¹ 2 ² 3 ³ 4 ¤ £ 5 € 6 ¼ 7 ½ 8 ¾ 9 ' 0 ' -× ÷  
q ä Ä w å Å e é É r ® t þ Þ y ü Ü u ú Ú I í Í o ó Ó p Ö [ « ] »
a á Á s ß § d ð Ð f g h j k l ø Ø ; ¶ ° ´ ¨  
z æ Æ x c © ¢ v b n ñ Ñ m µ , ç Ç   / ¿  © B Klapouchy 1999-2007  

The ' " key [far right in third row from the top and yellow-shaded above] is a "dead key", i.e., it only works in combination with the next key you hit:
  • hit the space bar and an apostrophe appears [quotation mark if you had used the shift on the dead key]. 

  • hit a vowel and you get the diacritical version of that vowel: ó é ú í ü ï ÿ

 * If this isn't already your default keyboard in Windows 98, go to: Settings, Control Panel, Keyboard, Language, Properties, Keyboard Layout and choose "United States-International". [XP has slightly different terminolgy; click here.]

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Last updated: August-31-2008

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