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Learning Aids, Assignments and Events of Interest in the Washington area

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Steirische Lederhosen / Worpswede Bahnhof

Preparation / Vorbereitung

long short
goesser sperisekarte
German in Seven Days Memorize and practice repeatedly [including class telephone practice] the  Gespräche  Short skeleton dialogues to practice and alternate vocabulary to use Pronunciation Practice on the Web

Click - Listen - Repeat

Songs for memorization and pronunciation practice
den 11. August Final  Examination Review: Gespräche 1-42 + 62-63 Sights  

Possible Itineraries + all below

Lists of German/Austrian goals/suggestions all below
den 6. August 62-63 wohin heute abend / in einem Bierkeller

What tman speaking countrieso do and see in the Ger


Rheingold Speisekarte [+ all below]

Ü / ü Der fröhliche Wanderer
Die Gedanken sind Frei
Guten Abend
den 4. August Gespräche: 36-7 [in der Bank]; 40 [einen Brief] PTT
Glottal Stop [review] Der fröhliche Wanderer

Die Gedanken sind Frei
Guten Abend

den 30. Juli Gespräche: 32-33 Mit der Bahn
Straßenbahn / Bus
Erzherzog Johann
 Glottal Stop sing Die Gedanken sind Frei
Guten Abend
Ach du lieber Augustin]
den 28. Juli Gespräche: 25-26 Wurst Bier Brot
[+ all below]
 ich / ach Re-listen to Waldemar [+ sing Die Gedanken sind Frei
Guten Abend
Ach du lieber Augustin]
den 23. Juli Mid Term Examination Review: Gespräche 1-19  Speisestätten
Wurst Bier Brot
Orientierung cafe-kroppenberg/obst cafe-kroppenberg
[all below] Re-listen to Waldemar [+ re-sing all below]
den 21. Juli Gespräche: 18-19 Im Restaurant

[Read: Essential German 61 [commands], 106-7 [pronouns], 92-3 spelling]

Landkarte Österreich
ich / ach


Die Gedanken sind Frei
Guten Abend
Ach du lieber Augustin
Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken
den 16. Juli Seiten:  10 Frühstück, 11 Verkaufen mit neuem Wortschatz Seiten 13-15 Blutwurst, was ist denn das? 
Landkarte Deutschland

Phrases for meeting and greeting pronunciation


Guten Abend
Ach du lieber Augustin
Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken
den 14. Juli Seiten:  10 Frühstück, 11 Verkaufen Einfache Fragen b / p


Guten Abend
Ach du lieber Augustin
Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken 
den 9. Juli Seiten 6 & 7 Farben  
Liegt Berlin in Südtirol?  
Wo spricht man Deutsch?
[1]  d/t

[2] Phrases for meeting and greeting pronunciation (through einen schönen guten Tag noch)

Ach du lieber Augustin
Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken  If you read music, the notation is here
July 7 Seiten 1, 2, Wie heißen Sie?
Asking questions: Framework
"Basic phrase pronunciation practice" = the first 10 phrases. "Ja" through "Gute Nacht" Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken

If you read music, the notation is here

Learning Aids

Germanic Language Tree Schematic showing the historical relationships of English with High German and with the other Germanic languages. For detailed background information on the individual Germanic Languages click HERE. Keyboarding German text with the US-International Keyboard in Windows 95/98  This keyboard allows easy typing of those symbols peculiar to German as well as those for standard English
German Pronunciation exercises Hans-Jürgen Stoffels' home page offers practice in  pronunciation of some common German sounds using RealAudio.
A succinct on-line Grammar of German from William and Mary offers a quick survey of grammar elements. .A very short and simple list of Definitions of Parts of Speech gives a quick overview of grammatical concepts that apply both to English and German


Click HERE to go Home Weather Forecast in German or English
Berlin Wetter auf Deutsch, HIER klicken
Berlin weather in English

German Language Church Services in Washington

United Church (Concordia Kirche) 1920 G Street, NW, Washington, DC. (202) 331-1495 . (Location for Washington Saengerbund's annual Christmas concert.) German service at 9:30 on first and third Sundays in the month. Our Lady of Bethesda (Deutsche Katholische Mission), 7007 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20817. Sonntagsgottesdienste 10.00 Uhr Deutsche Evangelische Kirchengemeinde sonntags 9.30 Uhr
Pilgrim Lutheran Church 5500 Massachussetts Avenue Bethesda, MD 20816
German Language Television in the DC Area Mondays thru Fridays 3 - 4PM WNVC over the air Channel 56 ; Virginia PBS in German news some times with English subtitles

Mondays thru Fridays 7:30 PM WNVC over the air Channel 56; Virginia PBS News from Germany but in English

Sundays 9pm erratically: German television detective shows on International Mystery WNVC over the air Channel 56 with repeats on Channelm 53; Virginia PBS


         German Language Cultural Events in Washington

  • Ongoing June 2 - August 18 FILM Klaus Kinski - Werner Herzog Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes To accompany the exhibition of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski photographs by Beat Presser, Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes presents the five feature films and two documentaries that depict how the two men seem to have created one another. The interaction between Wahnsinn (insanity) and Genie (genius) produced a fruitful, symbiotic relationship, probably the most intense in German film. On Monday nights at 6:30. $5; $3 for members, seniors, and students with ID.
  • For Updated Events List After September 1 Click Here

  • Blob's Park September 7 A. G. A. S. Heritage Day Sunday $6.00 per person
  • Premiere of the Musical BERLIN September 10th-27th 2003 Theatre 315 - 315 West 47th Street (betwn. 8th & 9th Ave.) New York City Heather S. Jones The Berlin Airlift has been called one of the greatest humanitarian acts of the 20th Century. Berlin, a new musical, explores the exciting and compelling true stories of the individuals involved in this dramatic historical event. Written, produced, directed, designed and performed by an experienced Broadway company, Berlin will mark the professional debut of Theatre 315.Tickets $15 @ or call 212-279-4200For more information visit:

  • For Updated Events List After September 1 Click Here

Swiss / Austrian / German Restaurants in the DC area

Cafe Tirolo
4001 N. Fairfax Dr
Arlington, VA 22203
Zum Rheingarten
Rte 1
Stafford, VA 22554-4825
Old Europe
2434 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC
Cafe Berlin
322 Massachusetts Ave., NE
Washington, DC
7236 Muncaster Mill Rd.
Rockville MD

German Gourmet Delicatessen 7185 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia 22036 (703) 534-1908 

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Links of Interest to German Language Learners

   Washington German Historical Institute Events

Calendar of Events


German Language Movies Scheduled for Washington
Scholarships for Study and Research in Austria and specifically for Scholars from the United States Scholarships for Study and Research in Germany Atlantic Fellowship airline tickets Air tickets to Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be obtained through the old-line and reliable Atlantic Fellowship, located in Washington,  which also handles rail passes, car rentals and travel insurance.
Scholarships and internships in Germany are available through the  DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Österreichischer Austauschdienst includes scholarship information as well as a link to a brochure on studying in Austria.


German Language Study Programs in Austria mostly but not only in the summer months. Often special courses for musicians and singers.
German-American Organizations in Baltimore is the clearing house for German-American clubs, festivals, organizations in Baltimore and all the rest of Maryland. S.u.G.T.V. "Washingtonia" - a "Schuhplattler" dance club based in D.C. is continuously seeking opportunities to share its Bavarian heritage with others. In addition to performing traditional Schuhplattler dances, "Washingtonia" entertains with such folk art as alpine bell ringing, alpine horn and popular German beer drinking songs. Studying at an Austrian University although the site is not aimed specifically at US students, it contains helpful general information and contacts to the individual universities in Austria.
The Swiss Club of Washington D.C. aspires to foster a sense of community among Swiss people and friends of Switzerland in the Washington metropolitan area including Northern Virginia and Maryland. The Wagner Society of Washington DC has among its goals to organize, plan, and promote Wagner-related events, such as lectures, workships, symposia, a newsletter, a web page, and live operatic performances; to relate the Society's efforts to area opera activities as appropriate; to encourage and facilitate group attendance at live performances of Wagner's works in the Washington - Baltimore area, as well as other cities in the US and abroad.  Deutscher Klub of Northern Virginia Community College ... the Deutscher Klub website for Northern Virginia Community College. with the latest information on Klub happenings, as well as other German-related events in the Washington, DC area.
Austrian Cultural Events in the Washington area Austrian Cultural Forum The re-vamped and very trendy Austrian cultural information center. Be patient with the pop-up introductory page which guides you to many interesting exhibits and events.  American-Austrian Society  Each year the Society sponsors or supports several cultural events that take place at the Embassy of Austria and at other locations in the Washington metropolitan area. Most of these events are open to the general public. The Society's stimulating cultural and educational programs are centered around the artistic, humanistic, and scientific achievements of Austrians and Americans with ties to Austria
Verein Deutscher Trachten von Baltimore Tanzkreis for the "preservation and presentation to the public of the many coloful Trachten (Regional Costumes) of the Germanic Lands, as well as the dances, songs, history and traditions of the various regions of Germany".   Arion Gesangverein To promote the cultivation of German music, song and culture in the United States through concerts, song festivals and Liederabende.
German Society of Maryland , founded in the 18th Century, continues today providing grants for use by institutions teaching German; sponsoring an essay contest on German-American issues for junior high school students; promoting German heritage; publication of leaflets dealing with Marylanders of German ancestry who have contributed to our state and nation; social activities such as the Society's summer picnic and annual Kirchgang, sponsoring Thanksgiving Eve ecumenical services and the Defender's Day celebration at Fort McHenry and bus trips to various points of interest for German Americans. Blob's Park, near Ft. Meade on Route 175 just off the Baltimore Washington Parkway [Click for directions],  has many Special Celebrations during the year. May Day is celebrated every Mother's Day in May, and the Sonnenwendfeier (the longest day of the year) is celebrated on Father's Day in June. The first Octoberfest in the United States was held at Blob's Park in 1947 and continues to be celebrated the first weekend of every October! Other special days are Bavarian Day in September, a children's Christmas Party when Santa Claus and St. Nicholas visit and present every child with a gift, and a gala New Year's Eve Party. Student in Wien Practical tips, sources of information both academic and administrative and social  for people presently studying in Vienna: addresses, lists of lectures, student news, bars, etc.
Exhibit closed while being moved from Arlington to DC Berlin Wall at Freedom Park  Original pieces of the Berlin Wall, measuring a total of 32 feet in length and 12 feet in height, have been permanently re-erected in front of an original 32-foot-high guard tower as the centerpiece of a new exhibit on Berlin and the era of the Iron Curtain. The tower (which originally stood near "Checkpoint Charlie," the crossing point made famous in countless real and fictional Iron Curtain espionage incidents) and the wall section will be augmented by several photomurals and text panels that document the 1961 construction of the wall, its impact on Germany and history since the wall fell.

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A short history and a sightseeing tour of the Hudson Tubes (PATH), one of the earliest subways of the world, along with an image gallery of the Tubes, past and present. English and German versions. There is also a section updated daily on the changes to the Tubes as a result of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center

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