Passive is formed by using any form of werden with the past participle


Tense Meaning of werden with an adjective or noun* Werden used with an adjective or noun Werden used to form the Passive Meaning of passive formed with werden*
Present That is getting cold Das wird kalt Das wird gesehen That is being seen
Past: Narrative That was getting cold Das wurde kalt Das wurde gesehen That was being seen
Past: Conversational That was getting cold Das ist kalt geworden Das ist gesehen worden That was being seen
Past Perfect That had gotten cold Das war kalt geworden Das war gesehen worden That had been seen
Future That will be getting cold Das wird kalt werden Das wird gesehen werden That will be seen
Future Perfect That will have gotten cold Das wird kalt geworden sein Das wird gesehen worden sein That will have been seen
Infinitive That can get cold Das kann kalt werden Das kann gesehen werden That can be seen
Infinitive Perfect That can have gotten cold Das kann kalt geworden sein Das kann gesehen worden sein That can have been seen
Note that werden has two different past participle forms: (1) geworden, used when there is no other past participle in the verb construction while (2) worden,the alternate form of the past participle is used when there is another past participle in the verb construction

* English has multiple possible meanings for most of the forms

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