Travellers' Tips for the German Speaking Countries

German Culture: 19th Century View of Graz/Shrine of the Three Wisemen in Cologne Cathedral
  • Discount Air Tickets to Germany, Austria and Switzerland are available through the old-line and reliable Atlantic Fellowship which also handles rail passes, car rentals and travel insurance.
  • Entry portal sites for tourist information are located at: Germany Austria
    Switzerland Liechtenstein
    Tourist information for some especially interesting cities: Graz Lübeck Görlitz
  • For a list of theatrical events [including classical concerts, rock shows, opera, operetta] in Germany, look at Tickets Deutschland which includes both a search engine and the possibility to purchase tickers.
  • To plan your Austrian, German and Swiss train routes and to learn about fares and discounts begin at GermanRail / Deutsche Bahn. Special discounts for train travel in Germany can be found HERE.
  • For Austria, train schedules and fares are also on the web as well as those for Switzerland.
  • The US travel newsletter Gemütlichkeit has a website designed as an adjunct for the paid subscribers to its print edition; there are, however, some free resources about travelling in the German speaking countries even for non-subscribers.
  • Yumyum: Wann, Was und Wo läuft in Österreich began as an Austrian film and movie site. Now it's a cultural calendar aimed not only at rock shows and movies but also includes a search engine for opera, operetta, concerts, museum exhibits throughout Austria. The search engine does extend to German and Swiss cities but the results are sparser there.
  • A search engine from Vienna-On-Line for cultural and non-cultural events in Vienna lets you use drop down boxes to choose the category [theater, classical music, rock, rave, exhibitions] as well as the date to narrow your choice.
  • A daily list of theater, concerts and other cultural events in Vienna is provided by the official Wiener Zeitung.
  • "Telephoning from Germany to the United States or within Germany can pose difficulties and be expensive. Do you need coins or a card? Will your credit card do, or must you have a special card? Where would you get a special card? How much will it all cost? How do you get the help you need in your home language? You can find English-language information about this on a special page put together by 1+2 Telecom, a German phone services reseller."

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